The best restaurants in Riverside Austin, TX.

Savor Austin’s Culinary Delights at These Local Eateries Near Our Austin Apartments

Residents of our luxury Austin apartments revel in preparing meals in kitchens that any chef would envy. But for those evenings when the allure of the local culinary scene beckons, an array of tantalizing options awaits just moments away. Whether your palate leans towards Asian fusion, traditional Mexican, classic BBQ, or innovative American cuisine, there’s a nearby establishment ready to fulfill your desires. Below are a handful of choice dining venues situated a brief journey from Edison Austin.

Donn’s BBQ

A mere six minutes from our Riverside dwellings, Donn’s BBQ champions the authentic Texan BBQ tradition. Since 1986, this family-operated gem has delighted locals with prime cuts and recipes that have stood the test of time. “Our commitment to quality and our family’s recipes makes Donn’s a top contender for the best Texas barbeque in Austin. We invite you to savor our renowned Brisket tacos or the flavourful Migas tacos for a morning with a kick. Breakfast enthusiasts will rejoice as we serve breakfast throughout the day,” they proudly proclaim. Dive into the full menu on Donn’s BBQ website.

1618 Asian Fusion

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner or a lively outing with friends, 1618 Asian Fusion promises an unforgettable culinary adventure. This owner-operated venue shines with a diverse array of dishes from Vietnam, China, Thailand, Singapore, and throughout Southeast Asia. Within its 6,000-square-foot lavish yet inviting space, patrons are treated to remarkable service and a captivating menu. Explore the offerings and secure your spot via the 1618 Asian Fusion website.

Mour Cafe

Steps away from our East Riverside apartments, Mour Cafe offers a global dining experience with a local touch. A weekend brunch or a meal anytime here means indulging in dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients. Favorites include truffle fries, chicken tikka masala, pork belly fried rice, alongside hearty burgers and steaks. The brunch menu’s highlights are duck and grits, shakshuka, and chicken flautas. Discover the full menu and make your reservations on the Mour Cafe website.

Pueblo Viejo

At Pueblo Viejo, the welcome is as warm as the authentic Mexican fare they serve. “Enjoy a diverse selection of authentic Mexican cuisine in our cozy, welcoming atmosphere,” they invite guests on their homepage. With a menu that boasts breakfast tacos, street tacos, gorditas, and a myriad of traditional dishes, this is your destination for fresh, flavorful meals. Visit the Pueblo Viejo website for more information.

El Taquito

Evolved from a humble taco cart in the 1980s, El Taquito now stands as one of Austin’s foremost Mexican eateries. Their tacos are a must-try, offering a variety of fillings like bistek, pollo asado, barbacoa, and carnitas. Complement your meal with the queso fundido with chorizo, tortas, or enchiladas, and a classic Mexican Coke or house margarita to drink. Learn more, view the menu, and place your order on the El Taquito website.

With so many fantastic dining options within reach, deciding where to eat out next might just be your toughest decision. Drop by Edison Austin today to learn about all the benefits and amenities waiting for you.

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